Senin, 31 Januari 2011

Cara Cek dan Mengetahui PIN, Serial dan Nomor IMEI BlackBerry

Many times we exchange our Blackberry PIN to another user and / or search the Serial number or IMEI of the device, but do not know where and we have no computer case at hand.

It is important to note that CDMA technology equipment serial number is identified as is "Serial ", unlike the GSM technology equipment serial number is identified as "IMEI" and the dual band equipment as Storm is the case of 9530, Serial number is identified as "IMEI".

  1. Go to the main menu of the Blackberry.
  2. Select the Options icon.
  3. Select State and there it goes all the information you are looking for.

Minggu, 30 Januari 2011

Fitur dan Spesifikasi Blackberry Terbaru 2011: Blackberry Monaco Touch

RIM sepertinya bakal merelease sebuah Blackberry terbaru di tahun 2011 yakni Blackberry Monaco Touch. Hadir dengan layar sentuh, Blackberry Monaco Touch dilengkapi layar 3.7-inch capacitive WVGA touchscreen(resolusi 480×800 pixel), kamera 5 Megapixel plus autofocus dan LED flash, support CDMA EV-DO, GSM/GPRS/EDGE dan UMTS/HSDPA, sistem operasi Blackberry OS 6.1, 768MB RAM, memori onboard 4GB, GPS, koneksi Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, magnetometer, dan accelerometer.

Sabtu, 29 Januari 2011

Cara Mudah Menghemat Baterai Blackberry Biar Tahan Lama dan Tidak Cepat Habis

First of all we must understand that the BlackBerry Batteries have a maximum life of 2 years so that by passing over one year of use are beginning to notice a decrease in the capacity of it.  I'll leave them some tips that can help increase battery life and reduce consumption in the BlackBerry:

Reduce backlight brightness to a minimum if possible to 10% to do this we go to Options> Screen / Keyboard> Backlight Brightness.

Close all applications is that you are not using, and that leaving it open applications are consuming these drums. It happens a lot that we leave open and stay working on the 2nd level to see which have open press Menu> Change Menu Applications or letting down and there you can see them all.

Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you're not using it. If possible use an application that you turn off the WiFi when you disconnect the router I recommend is Damage WiFiHero WiFi Manager is free of charge.

In The Night Turn Your BlackBerry so you'll be taking a respite not only to the BlackBerry if your battery. The BlackBerry also has a feature on and off automatically. You can access it: In OS 5 in Options> Enable / Disable Automatic operating system and 6 in Options> Device> Enable / Disable Auto and set it to your preference.

Do not do much Reset (Pull Battery) because in the latest versions of operating systems BlackBerrys Too much is lost Rebooting the fixture by battery.

Turn off the BlackBerry by putting a charge the device. Otherwise the battery may not be fully charge and decreasing its life.

Make a Hard Reset as minimum once a week. That is: Pull out the battery in your BlackBerry at least 10 minutes before placing volvercela. This serves to give a respite to the battery of your BlackBerry.

If you have BlackBerry Torch recommend you use a little more of the Virtual Keyboard touchscreen as the physical keyboard to be opening and closing the BlackBerry with the Slider is also consumed Battery (This tip is optional)

With these tips I assure you it will decrease the battery consumption of your BlackBerry at least 20%.

Jumat, 28 Januari 2011

Fixed-only Screen "Loading .." in the App World When you Can Not Enter in "My World"

For several months I are now reporting a problem that I particularly know to this day. When some users try to download an application from the App World or go in to the My World and after insertion of username and password screen appears "eternal" which says "Loading ..." and everything is there, with the deceased can not download enter the application or that paragraph of my world. At the end, after trying on dozens of devices I have come across the error and of course with the solution. Screen which I speak is something of which I show below:

Right now if we press the Escape key shows:
But when you press the OK button as we are asked nothing happens, everything becomes the beginning to enter our credentials and more of the same, an endless loop.
Solution? Well, if any, and perhaps there's some simple solution that I am going to show, but of those tested was the best I found. The first thing to do is install on our PC's browser plug-in for World app, that we may do so by clicking the link below:
https: //
This done, connect your BlackBerry device to our PC and press (from the PC) the link below:
The first step of the three as we see in the picture above is checked, means that the supplement is already installed on your PC, as we have said in the previous step. Now where it says Connect your smartphone, just have to open the dropdown and choose our device (PIN appears) and click Connect. Automatically get something like this:
And click the Next button.
Terms and Conditions accepted by pressing the button I agree. Done now if we can take back our BlackBerry, go straight to the My World and enter your credentials, you will see how far if you can get in that paragraph and download the applications you want.

Kamis, 27 Januari 2011

QuickLaunch for Blackberry (url, Tools, Options, Features, Enhancements, Catch, Choice, and more!)

QuickLaunch is one of the best applications available for BlackBerry. Its main function is possible to create shortcuts to all applications, and also has a myriad of functions and tools.

  • Multi-click convenience key (key add convenience.)
  • Assign shortcut keys 1-3.
  • Web Launchers.
  • Speed Dialer.
  • WebSearch.
  • programmable shortcut key to launch QuickLaunch.
  • Turn on Bluetooth.
  • Email, SMS and shortcuts; pin, address, etc..
  • E-mail to contact groups.
  • Device Information (PIN, OS version, battery status, memory card, media information, etc).
  • Start of Third Party Applications (3 rd party).
  • Guidance horizontal / vertical blocks.
  • Control of backlight brightness.
  • The screen format. Jpg and. PNG.
  • Flash.
  • Mute camera shutter (not available on 83xx devices).
  • cleaner memory.
  • The application of mutation.
  • Sound Profiles.
  • Turn on Radio.
  • Create subfolders in the QuickLaunch menu.
  • Selection of sound profile.
  • Remains on (keep the backlight on as long as you need without browning).
  • Launch of documents such as. Doc,. Xls,. Pdf,. Ppt, etc (requires Reader Part 3).
  • Browser.
  • Time.
  • Contact list.
  • House.
  • Video camera.
  • Images.
  • Video.
  • Music.
  • Web search quickly, perform a search using the following sites: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Amazon, eBay, BBC, Google News, Google Images, YouTube, IMDb, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Wikipedia.
  • Delete call logs.
  • BlackBerry Maps.
  • BlackBerry Options.
  • Calendar.
  • Calculator.
  • Reset Device option.
  • Bluetooth Settings.
  • Event Log.
  • WiFi On / Off.
  • BB Tasks.
  • Manage Connections.
  • Locking device.
  • Turn off your device.
  • Homescreen shortcut.
  • Voice Notes.
  • Voice dialing.
  • Ability to change the color of the text in the menu.
  • Backup and restore functionality.

  • New Date Format for some European countries: MM.DD.YYYY.
  • Climate: Changed Alto (High): Low (Low): Minimum: 3-digit code of the cities and get the temperatures.
  • The local file urls can now be opened from the browser. Example: "file: / / / sdcard / MyFolder / MyFile.htm."
  • You can now open the main screen of the Multimedia folder from QuickLaunch.
  • New button "Open folder of images" in a popup window appears after taking a screenshot.
  • Some corrections of other errors.
  • Fixed issue of small font text.
  • Correction on Reset Scheduled for other operating systems.
  • If the device is locked the scheduled restart will try again a few minutes after your device is unlocked.

Some applications were not able to start in the previous version. These new options (available when adding a third party application) should result in some of these applications can be launched.
You can now specify the size of the menu border to the default size or "minimum" which is a thin border around the menu.
In addition to being able to configuarar images for the menu background, you can now specify a color.
Adjust the transparency level of the menu background color when a specified. Using a background image can not make this adjustment.
Optional web launcher using the Opera Mini browser.
Option to place the screen capture function in the menu system.
Now you can set a specific time of day to automatically restart the device.
Ability to set a shortcut to any page in the Options menu BlackBerry as "themes" or "Red Field."
Added a new font size "greater", easier to read and select menu options.
Added support for the implementation CrunchSMS. Now you can send an SMS using the application crunchSMS sms instead of Native.
Change the setting device on or off.
High 'expansion' option that will extend the menu width to accommodate the length of the largest item in the list menu.
Increased the length of text in the menu to 25 characters.
Option to add a subject header to add an e-mail to QuickLaunch.
QL 3.0 • Users can now retrieve your activation code or request a new code after you change your device.
New design courtesy of WJDDesigns icon.
Restored the function Check for updates (for updates).
And much more! Note: Please note that not all options in version 4.5 Operating System

Works in: OS 4.5 or higher

Rabu, 26 Januari 2011

New Feature on BlackBerry OS 6.1, New Screen Options

We had an idea of what would be the new BlackBerry OS 6.1 because some time ago announced what would be the BlackBerry Application Platform 6.1, but now we have new details were released by their snapshots as options screen that can customize more than ever joining the icons at our convenience, even leaving less space between them.

There are many new options that come with the new BlackBerry OS 6.1, as augmented reality functions that come built-in bar code reader, the famous NFC chip (which would come in the two phones that will be filtered with BlackBerry OS 6.1, Apollo and the BlackBerry blackbery Dakota), among several other news.
An extra detail is that the main screens of the BlackBerry OS 6.1 (as well as BlackBerry 6) may be divided into multiple categories to apply filters to suit our needs, creating new categories automatically. For now we just wait to see it in action to know for sure what the real news.

Selasa, 25 Januari 2011

Cara Memisahkan antara SMS dan Email dan Blackberry

How I can separate SMS and e-mail boxes in the message folder? A BlackBerry can have up to 10 folders of individual messages and gives you the option to feed everyone on the message folder or separation, in his own inbox.

But although the combination of messages is fine for some people, can be distracting and annoying to weed through a lot of messages, especially if you use several email accounts for other purposes or if you're like my boss and get hundreds a day. For example, a coworker could not find an email client because there were too many alerts that filled his box.

If you are a BES user who wants to distinguish between work and personal email messages or a VIP user you want to coordinate their accounts and text messages, these are the different ways to separate or combine their inboxes and SMS e-mail in all different BlackBerry platform.

Earlier versions of OS 5 and all of OS 4.7 and loWer
In older devices and operating systems (such as lower versions of OS 5) to click on the separate inboxes in the message icon, press the Menu button and select Options. General Options, scroll down to SMS inboxes and e-mail and you are presented with three options: individual, combined and controlled the issue. To separate inboxes scroll down and select that option.

Top operating system versions 5 and 6 OS
With the release of later versions of operating system OS 5 and 6, the message folder now comes with more control over what can access. I found this feature appears in OS 5 when I upgraded my AT & T 9700 v.602 application to my 0979 and Bold 9000 OS 5 v.822 application. Users can choose which email accounts or other types of messages fill the main messages folder instead of being an all or nothing situation. Here you can select exactly which items to include or exclude, click the check mark.
To save your selections, click the back (exhaust) and select Save or press Menu to access the Save function.

Above the OS versions 5 - "non touch"
For non-touch devices go to Messaging> Options> Settings box. Messages - Select which to include - OS Five
For OS 5 devices "Touch" - To access, users can follow this path: Messages> Options> Settings from the main list of the message.

OS 6 - To the touch, and touch not click the Device Messaging> Inbox Management.
Messages in OS6 - There you have it all ways to personalize the message folder across multiple operating systems so it will always be able to track your emails and texts when using the device for work or for personal reasons.

Senin, 24 Januari 2011

Cara Menghapus atau Delete Beberapa Email Sekaligus di BlackBerry?

When you have a lot of emails on your BlackBerry, sometimes want a little house cleaning of all these emails to the end of the day are not relevant and do not necessarily want to carry on your BlackBerry. Sometimes you just want to delete them because you simply want to free up some memory. Here's how you can do so easily. Of course you can go to your list of emails and give the press the "DEL" when you want to erase one another, also go to the menu and delete him. But there are two other ways to make it easier than one at a time.

Delete Multiple Emails
You can select the emails you want to delete by pressing the Shift (the button with the arrow aA and up) and the trackball to select many emails at once. After the selections you give simply press the "DEL" and the messages will be deleted.
Delete Old Messages

If you want to delete old messages, for example, the month of June 2009 to back, find the date that summarizes the messages and go over it, press the menu button and choose Delete Prior option. This will delete all messages from the date you chose to back.

Automatically Delete Old Messages
If you want to automatically delete old messages after a certain amount of time on you can do it in the Options part of your mail. Open Messages, press the menu button, select Options. On the next screen, choose General Options, and if you go down the list, you'll see an option that reads Keep Messages. It is there where you can set the number of days you want messages to be stored on your BlackBerry. Select the term that best fits your needs and give save. Done.

Hope this helps. Remember to be very careful when deleting your message, not delete something important. Always make backup of your drive in case of any problem.

Minggu, 23 Januari 2011

Xenozu YouTube Player for BlackBerry

Xenzu launched an application that allows BlackBerry users can enjoy almost all models of YouTube videos like the Google app for BlackBerry Storm, with some very interesting additions.

Application is free, works with WiFi and allows you to add videos as favorites, search through the list of videos we've seen among many other functions. Obviously you do not have all details such as the official application that Google has created and works on the BlackBerry Storm, but it works pretty well although it may initially be delays in the connection.

Just a different way and more elegant to watch YouTube videos from almost any model of BlackBerry and keep a record of personal history.

Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011

Apakah PIN Blackberry itu?

Something that took advantage of BlackBerry is the use of BlackBerry PIN, half for free messaging service between users of BlackBerry, the BlackBerry Messenger himself, which was now in fashion among teenagers as among the typical business, "traditional users this particular cell, but still there are many people who have no idea what it is or how it is used.

They have no idea what your PIN (Personal Identification Number) I explain that I have to look in Options -> Enterprise Activation -> Number of PIN. With this simple little number will turn their messaging service between BlackBerry users completely free so no matter where they are (is ideal when we left the country to stay in touch for free). Each BlackBerry has its own PIN, they are not repeated and can be engraved on the SIM card as a phone number because it is unique to the BlackBerry device you're using.

Recall that a while ago we had them on a search service to BlackBerry PINs friends called BBPins, which gives us an idea of the massive use this service are having among users of these phones.

The messaging service works much like SMS, messages are shown grouped in the same way, and are even faster than conventional SMS and not pay anything for communicating between users.

This is one of the best services, but it is clear that it is exclusively for BlackBerry (both speakers must have BlackBerry since the two need to have the PIN number of another contact in your phone), and is one of the points was stronger than many people would like to change to such cells leave the excessive costs charged by operators in any other type of smartphone.

Jumat, 21 Januari 2011

Cara Mudah Update Blackberry Torch 9800 ke Software/Firmware Versi Terbaru

To get the most out of your experience with BlackBerry smartphones, we recommend ensure that the device software is current. In this post, I'll be talking specifically about how to upgrade the BlackBerry 9800 smartphone of the torch, but steps can be used to improve other BlackBerry smartphones, too. Let's start!

The first step is to check for updates. If your operator or manager of BlackBerry ® Enterprise Server has sent an update request, you receive a Software Update icon on the main screen, you just click with the release of the update. (Be careful if the update while roaming roaming charges may apply for additional data. Contact your service provider for more information.)

If you have this icon on the home screen, you can start the universal application of the search on the home screen BlackBerry smartphone Torch by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner. In the search box that appears, type update . Tap Options , and then you should see the Software Updates option. The latest device software from the BlackBerry Torch Bundle 6.0 is 695, to take advantage of this option and you will be brought to the download page. Click the Download button and are prompted to continue or Customize .

Selecting Custom lets you select the components to download and you can select different languages or to charge your smartphone. After downloading the software, you are prompted to install the software. Please note if you update the software wirelessly, could take some time and will not be able to use the device during this time.

Some things good to know that this process back up and restore the entire device including calendar information, contacts, wallpaper, and other settings made on the device.

One small caveat is that users are enabled on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server will only be able to complete a wireless upgrade if your IT managers have allowed access to this feature, but this is enabled by default.

For information about how to BlackBerry Wireless Device Software Update other BlackBerry smartphones, see: hxxp://

If you prefer to upgrade the BlackBerry smartphone with BlackBerry Desktop Manager, go to / upgrades and download the latest software update available for your device.

We also recommend you visit this page a lot of support , which has lots of great reference material for questions that may arise while upgrading the software of the device.

Kamis, 20 Januari 2011

Apakah AutoText itu dan Bagaimana cara Menggunakan AutoText di Blackberry

The AutoText is a very powerful tool that is included with all the BlackBerry and to help you write much faster and save time. It works on all our BlackBerry applications in which to write (BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook, Calendar, Email, social Scope, SMS, etc). Already know that when we start writing a sentence, the first letter automatically capitalizes the BlackBerry and after you finish a sentence, pressing the spacebar twice finished the prayer? N with a dot. These are functions of AutoText.

AutoText also brings a few words already defined in commonly make mistakes when writing and they are automatically corrected as you type. For the record, this is not a spellchecker / dictionary, that the BlackBerry also has it but here we talk specifically of AutoText.

With AutoText can create your own words so that you do when writing easier and faster with the words, phrases or sentences that are commonly used.

Here we explain how To enter AutoText: 
  • Go to Settings / Options / AutoText
  • Then give to the Menu key and choose New.
  • At the top, which says Replace, enter the word or letter combination you want to change. In the bottom where it says With, type the word or text they want to change it.
  • After writing go to Menu and then Save.
  • Is simple to use as you saw, so imagine being able to replace a single letter with something like a sentence or paragraph you use a lot.
  • Now is as easy as typing the text you create in AutoText in any of the applications on your BlackBerry, and then give the spacebar.
  • Automatically see your text as it appears set to AutoText or sentence.

Rabu, 19 Januari 2011

Cara Mengaktifkan Password BlackBerry dan Melindungi Blackberry dengan Password

The password on a BlackBerry is designed to ensure that only authorized users can access the information unit stored therein. In this article we explain how.

A BlackBerry can endure passwords from 4 to 14 characters long. The BlackBerry system is designed to reject combinations that are not as safe as the passwords consisting of identical characters (eg 5555) or passwords containing natural sequences (eg, 1234). If you choose these sequences, the device will show the following error: The Password Not Can Be A Sequence

To set a password on a BlackBerry:
  • In the main screen go to Options
  • Select Security Options
  • Select General Settings
  • Change Password to Enabled Option
  • Hit the menu button and choose Save
  • Enter the new Password
  • Enter the password again to confirm
  • Enter

To configure your BlackBerry to automatically make a Lock
  • In the main screen go to Options
  • Select Security Options
  • Select General Settings
  • Set the value at Time Out Security, choose your own time
  • Give teak menu and choose Save.

Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

Cara Mengetahui Versi Firmaware Blackberry OS

Untuk Mengetahui Versi Software Blackberry yang digunakan di Blackberry kamu, caranya cukup mudah yaitu seperti dibawah ini :

  • Go to the main menu of the Blackberry.
  • Select the Options icon.
  • Select About.
  • There you will see the version of your OS, which begins with a "v"in this case is the v4.7.0.151

Senin, 17 Januari 2011

BlackBerry Application Platform 6.1 and New Tools For Developers

Today we saw leaked 2 new phones (BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry Apollo Dakota) and said we are coming with the new BlackBerry OS version 6.1. Now we know that officially announced the BlackBerry Application Platform 6.1 at DevCon Asia along with new tools for developers.

The news in BlackBerry Application Platform are as follows:
  • Digital Compass APIs
  • Open GL-ES 2.0
  • Windows API (superposition of native applications)
  • Geolocation APIs based on events
  • Improved API bar code for additional formats and custom decoding
This announcement says a lot, and that despite the effort put into the BlackBerry Tablet OS, also are taking into account the traditional BlackBerry OS. Although at some point (possibly when the hardware has improved) plan to use the Playbook BlackBerry OS on phones.

Other tools are released SDK for BlackBerry WebWorks Playbook, the beta SDK and Payment Service BlackBerry Push Service SDK.

Minggu, 16 Januari 2011

Aplikasi Blackberry Gratis untuk Mendengarkan Radio di Blackberry

BlakcBerry users have available in their hands many more applications and functions that may come to notice at first. In this case we speak of the applications that help us listen to radio or music and podcasts on our BlackBerry.

Then I leave an official list of the 10 most popular applications that work across countries, which are downloaded completely free so the BlackBerry App World and they will serve when trying to listen to music, podcasts or foreign radio:

PodTrapper Podcast Manager: A player of podcasts in general, a kind of application that allows us to directly hear the podcasts that we like, and even handles search and download the latest episodes of your choice.

TuneIn Radio: We can hear from some 40,000 radio stations worldwide, and works by connecting 3G or WiFi data.

Nobex Radio Companion: This application allows us to tune a 5800 radio stations via WiFi or 3G, find and add songs as ringtones, read timely information on the songs you are listening, or even hear a small fraction of the songs we want to be sure that this is the topic we choose.

Global miRoamer Free Radio: It gives us access to all radios that are tuned via the Internet and AM / FM.

TuneWiki - Lyrics with Music: It's a social kind of player that allows you to choose from 3 styles of music, such as the one we have stored in the memory of our phone, music videos that have saved or streaming radio SHOUTcast Internet. It also lets you create your own playlists, start fast and have real time what we're hearing on our Facebook account.

CB Podcasts: Basically we can download all the podcasts of CrackBerry with all the information and news on these phones.

ElectricFM - America 's Real Dance Radio!: The radio station broadcasts live from New York just dance music. Works over EDGE, 3G and WiFi.

Acir Radio: The transmission of Mexico's Grupo Acir satellite stations available to all anywhere in the world.

Wunder Radio: This is actually a test application only free for 10 days, peroque allows us to listen to thousands of Internet radio in our BlackBerry, we can even do searches manually emoisoras as choice of location or via GPS so that only show us the closest to our location.

PowerGroup: It is the leading radio station in Turkey thanks to this application can now be heard live around the world.

Something I'd like to emphasize is that the applications and radios were not a personal choice but the search came from the most popular of its kind, also in use around the world and are free to download from the BlackBerry App World.

Sabtu, 15 Januari 2011

BlackBerry Torch 2 Leak Details [Specs and Feature]

Today we have been talking about the new BlackBerry filtered with the news that Dakota would BlackBerry touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard, and we also talk about the new BlackBerry Curve "Apollo", but it is his turn to speak of a possible BlackBerry Torch 2, changes inside than outside.

According to rumors, the BlackBerry would have the famous Torch 2 slider QWERTY keyboard like its predecessor, the BlackBerry 9800 Torch, and out would be virtually identical, but with a kind of matte silver finish, changing only important details inside. The specifications were leaked so far include:
  • 1.2GHz Procedsador
  • Quad band GSM / GPRS / EDGE
  • Tri band HSPA to 14.4Mbps
  • Capacitive touch screen VGA 3.2 "(640 x 480)
  • 8GB internal memory
  • 512MB RAM
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • GPS
  • NFC
  • 5 megapixel camera with flash
  • Accelerometer
  • Proximity sensor
  • BlackBerry OS 6.1
  • OpenGL ES
  • Battery 1300 mAh
  • 14.6mm thick in total
Is expected to be available mid-year U.S. operator AT & T, but still no official information as to the picture has been a leak, and is somewhat strange because it does not change its design to the previous model-.

Jumat, 14 Januari 2011

ToneMaker, Free Application for Creating Blackberry Ringtones in .Mp3

One of the most successful applications are having lately is Ringtone Remix, an application for our BlackBerry devices that allows us to create ringtones in MP3 format and then use them editanto we have created profiles. In the same vein is located ToneMaker although this application is for the device but it is a software that we install in our PC and we can create our own ringtones.

ToneMaker is a free application and operation is very simple, very similar to the implementation Ringtone Remix.

First we install the application on your PC, you can do it directly by clicking here. Once you've installed the application you will see the first of three screens. Click on the Browse button and look for the song which we wish to take our tone. Once you select a song just have to click Start Upload.

Once you have uploaded the song you can adjust the side bars to select which part of the song we want to create as a ringtone.

As you can see we also have the ability to add input and output soft tone (fade in and fade out). When we select the bit of song we want as a ringtone just have to choose a name for our tone and press the Create button tone.

Finally we have the option to send the tone, opening the file to see how we have become or create a new one. Simple and free, little more could you want.

Kamis, 13 Januari 2011

How do I Reset The Blackberry App World?

Perhaps you find that you have problems installing or re-install an application on file from the BlackBerry App World. Possibly beam installed many applications and as you are deleting are listed (although they say deleted). If you have any of these problems, perhaps this may help.

Originally, when you install an application using the BlackBerry App World, that is where we go to erase it. This it will do is show you the list of deleted applications and will say "delete" next. However, some people do not like to see these applications listed, and therefore if borrastes not want to see them there.

To leave this list as new My World:
  • Get the BlackBerry App World application.
  • Sure you're "logged in" with your PayPal account.
  • Go to the tab of My World (right end)
  • On that screen, press ALT + RST (ALT key down while pressing the R, then S and then T)
  • For a moment you'll see the BlackBerry App World Friz, then close. Once this happens, go to the BlackBerry App World icon and open the application again. See results.
Typically, after doing an OS upgrade, it is good that execute this function to clean up the house. Remember this is only effective for the applications you have deleted. Those who are "archived" not be affected.

Rabu, 12 Januari 2011

Block dan UnBlock Teman (Contact) di BBM (BlackBerry Messenger)

Sometimes when using BlackBerry Messenger and receive an invitation or "friend request" that the person accidentally block. The other is true, sometimes you want to block a contact and ignore the future invites. Either way, thanks to an article in the recently updated knowledge base of RIM, we now have official guidance on how to block and unblock contacts in BBM. If you need to do well, check out the guide below or go to / messenger for more information and to download BBM.

To block a contact in BlackBerry Messenger, perform the following steps:
  • Open BlackBerry Messenger.
  • Highlight the contact.
  • Display menĂº.Seleccione
  • Remove contact. Select "Ignore future invitations. "
  • Select Delete.
To unblock a contact in BlackBerry Messenger, perform the following steps:
  • Open BlackBerry Messenger.
  • Show menu and select Options.
  • Go to Contacts ignored.
  • Select Edit.
  • Select the user's PIN. This will put a check mark next to it.
  • Select OK.
Important: These steps are only available after a personal identification number (PIN) has been marked as "Ignored"for future invitations

Selasa, 11 Januari 2011

Cara Setting Wifi di Blackberry untuk Internet via Hot Spot

To turn the Wi-Fi, perform the following steps:
  • From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
  • Scroll to the Manage Connections icon and press the trackball.
  • Go to Wi-Fi and press the trackball for a checkmark in the box to activate the Wi-Fi ...

For exploration and connection to available networks. To find and connect to available networks, perform the following steps:
  • From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
  • Go to Configure Wi-Fi network and press the trackball.
  • Go to the following and press the trackball.
  • Select Scan for Networks. The hand scans and displays available networks.
  • Scroll to the desired network and press the trackball to connect.

Adding a new network. To add a network of available networks, perform the following steps:
  • From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
  • Go to Configure Wi-Fi network and press the trackball.
  • Go to the following and press the trackball.
  • Select Scan for Networks. The device analyzes and displays the available networks.
  • Scroll to the desired network and press the trackball.
  • Keep this in the Wi-Fi network as a profile anyway? field, ensure Yes is selected.

To add a network manually, perform the following steps:
  • From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
  • Go to Configure Wi-Fi network and press the trackball.
  • Go to the following and press the trackball.
  • Go To manually add the network and press the trackball.
  • Enter the name of the network, and then click Add.
  • Security Type, press the trackball.
  • Go to one of the following options and press the trackball:
* No Security
* Pre-shared key (PSK)
  • Scroll to Connect and press the trackball.
  • Keep this in the Wi-Fi network as a profile anyway? field, ensure Yes is selected.

To edit saved networks, perform the following steps:
  • From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
  • Scroll to the Manage Connections icon and press the trackball.
  • Go to Wi-Fi Options and press the trackball.
  • Go to a network and press the Menu key.
  • Go to Edit and press the trackball.
  • Change the network name, SSID, security type, and any other information you want.
  • Press the Menu key and then select Save.
  • Select Get Security Key option to acquire the security key of the router.
  • From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
  • Scroll to the Manage Connections icon and press the trackball.
  • Go to Configure Wi-Fi network and press the trackball.
  • Go to the following and press the trackball.
  • Go to Get the security key and press the trackball.
  • Click Next.
  • In your wireless router, press and release the lock button.
  • In the handheld, select Done.

To find the MAC address, perform the following steps:
  • From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
  • Scroll to the Options icon and press the trackball.
  • Scroll to Status and press the trackball to view WLAN MAC address.

Senin, 10 Januari 2011

Cara Menambah atau Install Tema/Theme dan Aplikasi di Blackberry

There are few users each day wondering how to install themes and applications on your BlackBerry. It is somewhat difficult to answer them all with great detail so I apologize if someone has been waiting for my answer. For them and for those who come for new users of BlackBerry devices is made this tutorial that if you step seguiis life a lot easier and you can easily install themes and applications for your account. In his day and did a tutorial on this subject but not others and remember to update it from time to time.

First and foremost I must say that there are basically two ways to install themes or applications on your BlackBerry, and I say basically because there are more ways but the process would no longer be "natural" for calling in some way but at the end of this post will also be listed. As I was saying there are two ways of installation:

OTA, which means Over The Air, which are files that can install directly from your device. OTA files have a. Jad or. Jar

Via ZIP archive that is downloaded to your PC first and then with the help of Desktop Manager to be installed in our BlackBerry. Files that are installed using Desktop Manager have a. Alx and. Cod

Installing themes or applications via OTA.

Step 1
The first thing you have to do is see that we have sufficient coverage in connecting our radio to use our BlackBerry browser. I know it sounds silly but in more than one case I've seen people who wanted to download via OTA without having data connection available.

Step 2
Election OTA file to download. We have said previously that it is valid for subjects to applications. In this case, and for this tutorial I have chosen an application called BBGPS Golf extracted from the mobile version of our website.

Step 3
If you look good, the selection of links available for downloading the application OTA places, ie Over The Air, and ZIP so we'll just have to click on the link that puts it over the air from our BlackBerry browser to download the file.

Step 4
In the next step to see the following screen where we provide all the information on the application or topic, such as application name, version, vendor, file size and description of it. Once on the download button pulseis start installing the software.

Step 5
Once installation is complete click OK and the process is complete.

Note: Some applications or themes may need a reset of the terminal to work properly.

Installing themes or ZIP applications.

As we said at the beginning of this post, installing applications or issues will require our BlackBerry Desktop Manager (free software that offers Rim for the installation of applications, synchronization and backup to our BlackBerry device), if do not have it or you have lost the CD that brings your BlackBerry can get the latest version here. Mac users can do it here.

Step 1
First choose the link to download. In this case we will do the same application that we installed via OTA. So the first step is to locate the link that says Via ZIP as we see in the screenshot.

Step 2
Once you click on the link to download the application must keep in our PC, so we mark the Save File and click on the OK button. I personally keep the files on the desktop of my PC to have them always at hand but the location can be anything.

Step 3
After downloading the file should look something like this. So double click on the zipped file and extract the files. Alx and. Cod as shown in the second image.

Step 4
Open the Desktop Manager that you already have installed on your PC and connect our BlackBerry. The appearance should look like this ...

Step 5
Then press the first icon in the upper left, where I said semitransparent orange. Called Application Loader or application loader and when it is pressed the following screen will appear.

On this screen press the Start button.

Step 6
Once you press the Start button will appear the list of applications that have installed on your device. Now we must add the. Alx we unzipped earlier. So click on the Browse button marked in orange on the screenshot below and look for the file. Alx file you downloaded earlier in the location where it was saved.

Step 7
Finally, and once we have selected the file. Alx (for the file. Cod no need to worry because it will install only, so no need to select it) click on the Next button and the installation will start automatically.

Step 8
Once you finish the installation process proceed to close the Desktop Manager and disconnect the BlackBerry and we will have our application or theme installed.

Note: Some applications and / or topics may require a device reset to work properly.

I said at the beginning of this tutorial that these were the two basic ways to install themes and / or applications on our BlackBerry devices but there are other ways to do something unorthodox, but that would be discussed in another entry.

Minggu, 09 Januari 2011

Macam-Macam Kode Error Blackberry

On the Horizon The World's Cellular Repair Center is the following list of errors found in our Blackberry devices and we believe it appropriate to make it known.
  • VM stands for Virtual Machine
  • JVM stands for Java Virtual Machine
  • ID stands for Identification
  • 01 JVM internal error.
  • 102 Invalid code in the file system. files. d of device have been modified and has determined that there is a problem with one or more files. cod.
  • 103 The starting address for the start of the file. Cod is not found. This could mean that a startup file. Cod has not been installed on the device or its format is invalid or corrupted.
  • 104 Uncaught Java exception was thrown in Java code and diagnosed by the JVM. The execution must be continued or the device can connect to a debugger on a desktop computer through a USB cable. The event log must contain the trace of the thrown exception.
  • 105 An OS file system API returned an error status for a particular transaction. This may indicate a corrupt filesystem or bugs in the JVM.
  • 106 An error has been detected in the device's graphics system.
  • 107 Internal JVM error.
  • 108 Internal JVM error.
  • 109 Internal OS error.
  • 110 Error in case of inactivity. A problem has been detected in the JVM by the accumulation of time representing the JVM has been idle. This indicates an error, either in the operating system code or code of the JVM.
  • 200 Application manager threw an uncaught exception. The application manager event resulting in an uncaught exception message and so can no longer function.
  • 201 The initialization of the cryptographic system failed and so the device can no longer function.
  • 202 A keystore attack has been detected and so the device can no longer function.
  • 203 is the process of application manager console, usually occurs because the startup screen has failed, just like an uncaught exception.
  • 501 Internal error.
  • 502 All processes closed. The last Java process has ended, and there is nothing to run.
  • 503 Internal error.
  • 504 Internal error.
  • 505 Internal error.
  • 506 An uncaught Java exception was thrown at the beginning of the Java VM message, therefore, death is only the message system. The event log contains the tracking of uncaught exception.
  • 507 The dependence of a file. Cod can not be met due to lack of this file. Cod. Loading. Cod disappeared in the device.
  • 508 Invalid object. A problem was detected with a debugger command in the VM.
  • 509 There was an error during garbage collection, which could indicate a corrupted file system.
  • 510 All messages are waiting for the objects, resulting in an impasse. The system can not recover from this state because they can not release lock message.
  • 511 There was an error while debugging.
  • 515 The way to reach a group of objects that can not be adequately represented by the VM, because there are many objects or the total size of the object is too large.
  • 516 When the commission of a persistent object, the VM found the ID storage counter has reached its limit. The object has not been committed.
  • 517 An inconsistency has been detected in the VM of the persistent object store.
  • 518 Internal error.
  • 519 Internal error.
  • 520 Internal error.
  • Indicates 521 Object.wait () has been executed by a message that holds a lock on another object, occurs only in the simulator if you activate the JvmDebugWaits applications.
  • 522 A thread has acquired two locks on objects in an order that does not match the previous order in which locks the two types were acquired, which indicates a potential future final block, are recorded only when the simulator JvmDebugLocks the application is on.
  • 523 A critical Java process has died and the device can not resume normal operation.
  • 524 An object has been marked as recovered by the Low Memory Manager but was freed during a garbage collection. This is only tested in the simulator under the control turned JvmDebugLMM application.
  • 525 Bad persistent object. A self-committed operation during a garbage collection has detected a non-persistent object reachable from the persistent store root. The type of object has been removed from the event log.
  • 526 The class definition java.lang.Object can not be found.
  • 527 The class definition for java.lang.String can not be found.
  • 528 The file system is damaged. The data in the device is not recoverable.
  • 529 The file system is damaged. An attempt will be made to retrieve data, but some data may be lost.
  • 530 Internal JVM error.
  • 531 The Flash Memory is exhausted.
  • 532 A JVM assertion has been violated. This error can occur only in the simulator, not an actual device.

Sabtu, 08 Januari 2011

Cara Transfer/Copy Phonebook dari SIM Card ke Blackberry

For all those just starting in the world of BlackBerry, we're leaving a series of basic usage tips, and was previously the BlackBerry Messenger basic tutorial, it's time to leave a "tutorial" to transfer our contacts SIM card to phone.

Many of us (including myself because I spent the first time I had a BlackBerry in my hands), we find a different platform to which we are accustomed, and yet is easy enough, perhaps many of these top tips need to use comfortably.

To transfer your contacts need to follow these simple steps:
  • Go to Contacts
  • Once in "contacts" press the BlackBerry button (which serves as a menu) and select "SIM Phone Book" (or "SIM contacts book" or similar) and that we will see the entire list of contacts you have stored in SIM.
  • Select the contact you want to import and then select "add to contacts" (or add to contacts). If you want to copy all contacts instead of one in particular, we select "All to coppy Contacts" (or copy all contacts).
  • If a transfer can only check that was passed without problem, if we transferred all should check that the process has completed successfully.

If we use our multi-SIM phones, and as our numbers back up all the people we meet, also at some point need to save the contacts that we have only our BlackBerry to our SIM and be able to continue taking it to where need. To transfer contacts from SIM to BlackBerry steps are also simple (although you can only transfer one at a time):

  • Go to Contacts
  • Select the contact you want to import to the SIM, press menu and select "Copy to SIM Phone Book" (or copy SIM contacts to Address Book or similar)
  • Edit name, phone number and email (if have)
  • Press again Menu to save this change
  • This will be added one by one all the contacts we have, is an individual process and can not copy all together.

Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

Apakah PIN Blackberry itu? Apakah OTA, JAD, Jar dan ALX Blackberry itu?

This is the most basic you should know, a PIN is a unique identification number for each blackberry. This PIN also serve for identification of the equipment will allow you to send a PIN message to any blackberry of the world, as well as allows you to add you to the Blackberry Messenger

Abbreviation of the term OVER THE AIR, is called so any application that can be installed from the blackberry through the Internet connection with computers. Regularly download of this type have extension JAD or JAR.

These files are programs developed in JAVA, but not all JAD or JAR files of Java running on the Blackberry, have to be designed for each BlackBerry.

It refers to programs for blackberry that can only be installed from the computer to the blackberry USB cable connecting and using the Desktop Manager Application Loader

Kamis, 06 Januari 2011

The Best Tips for Blackberry Messenger (BBM)

Here are tips to make better use of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM / PIN):

Find or share your PIN - Press ALT + Aa (shift) + H at the same time from any screen or on any message type the word mipin mypin or if your BB is in Spanish and then press the SPACE.

In the matching blue BBM (√) indicates that your message was sent, the D indicates that came and the R indicates that it was read by the recipient.

Rename a contact - Go to the contact name and once over it, press the menu key and select Rename or Rename Contact Contact.

Set an availability alert - If you can not connect with a contact, put a warning. Select the contact and press the menu and Set Alert. When the contact is available will let you know.

Draws attention to a contact - You can use the PING function to alert your contact urgently need attention. From the conversation window with that person press the menu button and choose the option PING CONTACT. This will cause the BB that person vibrates alerting you when you have a message from you.

Start a BBM Conference - Chat with multiple people in a single window format Chat Room. From the conversation window press the menu key and choose INVITE and then select the contact or contacts you want to add to the conversation.

Export your conversation - From the window of the conversation press the menu key and choose Copy or Copy History Archive. Now the entire conversation has been copied to your clipboard in plain text. You can paste the Paste function to an email, a note or anywhere.

Create groups to your liking - Organize your contacts to your liking (eg, Work, Family, etc). In the BBM press menu and choose Add Group.

Go to location, save time - When you send a PIN message (BBM) do not wait for the other person will answer the greeting to ask what they want to know or tell what you want. Type your message so that when the contact is available (perhaps hours later) he / she can fully answer your message. If you simply type "Hello" with no content then have to answer something like "Yeah?" And if you are not available at that time ... Well, you understand.

Remember to use the menu key to send files (documents, images, etc.), Voice notes, edit your screen name or change the status of your availability.

Another tip is not in the list is one that will save you much time. Create a shortcut or shortcut to the phrases you use most often. For example, instead of always typing "What are you?" Could have a shortcut in which every time you write eqtt and give it to exit automatically SPACE key phrase.

Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

Solusi Mengatasi Masalah App Error 200

As is usual now, before you can resolve an error, we know we face, the App Error shown in the white screen in a device because the application manager of events resulting in an uncaught exception message and so can no longer function. This is meant, q any newly installed application is interfering with the optimal development of the device OS.

However, the solution for this error may be different for some models, in the case of devices with an OS 4.6 or higher such as the 85xx series, 89xx, 9xxx. Can enter into Safe Mode easily on their devices. How to do it.?

When you restart your device, at power-on LED, press the return key (the one next to the red button) and leave it down for a few seconds (approximately 10 to 15 seconds) and let q be reset your device .

After restarting the device is displayed on the screen a menu where we reported that the device is in Safe Mode, just press the "OK"

Once the device started in Safe Mode and proceed to remove the applications, themes or games recently installed it that causes the error in the device.

After removing proceed to reboot again but this time normally, and if q eliminated the application was giving problems, the computer started normally again, but if not eliminate ocasionante the error, it will show again the App Error 200.

They can repeat these steps until you get satisfactory results.
However, in the case of 81xx series devices, 82XX, 83xx, these devices are not able to enter Safe Mode, so in this case the solution is to wipe the device THROUGH THE Loader.exe.
I hope the guide will be useful and remember each step carefully and let us know your experience or concerns about this process.

Selasa, 04 Januari 2011

Apakah Perbedaan antara Layanan BES dan BIS di Blackberry

Well then constantly read comments, mails, and post in different sites of users and readers who do not know what is BIS and BES and ask the differences and characteristics of each, because in this post we'll explain each of them and some their characteristics in general character, ie I will not put up with much preamble and instructions are understood techniques and better when a language is more relaxed and summarized.

BIS: BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) is the data transfer service between the BlackBerry and the large network is the Internet. All data that use internet on your device, server first pass through the BIS / BES according to which one has. This service is moderate and controlled directly by your mobile operator, either Optus, Vodafone, Comcel, Tim, T-Mobile, or whatever in your country. This telephone service companies tend to force users to use only the applications they define, and in some occasions, prevented the use of third party applications on our computers, something bad and that many useful applications are developed by third .

BES: BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES): As BIS is the service that lets you access the Internet through your device with the different applications you use daily. And also all the data that make use of internet on your device first pass through this server before arriving at the network and before reaching your device. This service is moderated by the Intranet of your company, which is an Internet apart from the rest of the world, only for the company or firm who has this intranet, Calre also has access to the global Internet network, but before the interact with your device and vice versa, the data have to interact with the security established by the Company corporate server where it resides, is, that is like sitting in a park and totally secure.

This service in no case no restrictions of any kind by the telephone operator because it is the company that decides which applications and services enabled or disabled, I mean that if you are an employee and your company will not let you use MSN your BlackBerry, go and ask the favor of your boss to let you chat with your friends and family ..... have to tell you ...... lol

But BIS can not do this, since your operator, you sign the contract for use of the line and says in other words. 'Fuck you! "


The differences between these two types of service measured more than anything in the privacy, security and level of control that receives, which is much easier to explain these two routes of transfer.

BIS: BlackBerry - Operator - Internet

BES: BlackBerry - BES Secure Server - Operator - Internet

Thus I do not mean that people who use the blackberry for personal use, or BIS service, run some kind of Symbian riesgo.La any BlackBerry data service, are much safer, that access the Internet from your own computer with antivirus, firewall, proxy server and custom .....

That I just want to explain the route of the information from coming out of your device to the internet and vice versa, when you get the response you visit.

In one example, very clear and easy to understand:

The BIS service your postman / courier, which will run throughout the city with your package, to deliver on time, correindo the risk that someone will steal or make your packages tropesarse

BES is the service your postman / messenger, who goes by a completely safe street, built for a few, and very well guarded, and will deliver all your packages without any problem or security risk .......

The quality of security defined by the company that controls both BES and BIS service, but it is logical that a company of 500 employees with BlackBerry (BES), there is much more security than a city of 45000 inhabitants with BlackBerry ( BIS), because the company maintains a uniform control for all devices, however a telephone company does not know what your users are doing with your BlackBerry

Well it does not stop there, BES is much more than just internet and email service. For executives and senior managers, functions as a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which ensures that all information sent between the device and its Office balckberry encryptado be totally secure, by way built by the company.

The BES service includes tools to define how the applications interact with devices and how they should handle.

Much easier to work to incorporate a new application to all workers, because from a single server, you can install a BlackBerry application in all belonging to the company, without having to touch one by one ........ .. this is very good as companies who use BES service always have a great workforce.

BES also offers complete control over your computer remotely, ie over the air, you can manage, clean, or lock a device if stolen or lost.

So far it seems that the best service to take is to BES, but does not accelerate, the service, because they tend to be corporate and professional, must be configured by hand, setting all security settings and to provide the best control service.

But for those users who are not professionals, as we use BlackBerry Pearl 81xx, and that is most of all for personal use, comes better service BIS, as it is exempt from many configurations, from the time your device recives , adjust your preferences for viewing and appearance (as you see the device) and if you want to associate e-mail accounts to your phone, in a few simple steps, you can add a certain number of accounts. And already enjoy.

In conclusion:

The BIS service is much more comfortable and easy to use and manage. The perfect choice for ordinary users or small businesses that do not require a comprehensive malaria control.

The BES service is more secure and controlled, but to see put into practice requires that all control and safety. The perfect choice for large companies, with a large number of employees who can not afford delays or loss of information. my case I use a BlackBerry Pearl 8100 with BIS service for my personal use and my girlfriend all the time take my Cell like it, but that's a separate story ......

In any case I hope this clears the possible doubts and help you understand some tutorials, guides and explanations to recive, read, or will see in the future with its BlackBerry devices.

If you dare to have a BlackBerry because of advance is welcome to the world of mobile security and stability, I will be here to help in any way possible and as much @ s me there but we are interested in helping those in need.

Senin, 03 Januari 2011

Solusi JVM Error 507/561 pada Blackberry

Here we let you how to solve this complicated error, luck and remember to know what they do, BlackberryVzla not responsible for what they can do evil, follow the instructions well, I assure you it works.

Note: these errors JVM 507/561 (after an install / update OS failed) first try to close the Desktop Manager, disconnect the BlackBerry .. Open the Desktop Manager, connect the BlackBerry, open the Application Loader, Add / Remove Applications, there should continue the upgrade process .. If it fails, continue with this procedure

You need to do a "wipe" the phone, stop it lowers the Jlcmder. You should have closed the Desktop Manager, it is best to reboot the machine to start with this.

Unzip the file to a folder, open that folder you will find the file: JL_Cmder.cmd double click it, you'll see a black window startup, press any key on the PC, the next window asks if BlackBerry is a key when you turn, press Y (yes) or N (No) as applicable. If you select Yes in the next window will ask you the key.

Then a window with a menu, select option 4 "Wipe" a sale in Red will confirm if you want to delete the blackberry, we press Y (yes), as a last confirmation must type blackberry and press enter. here waiting for you to delete the content.

After Jlcmder salts.

In this step should have installed an operating system compatible with your BlackBerry model, check this Forum: Operating Systems

Now place yourself in your pc file RIM Application Loader:

Located in:

C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ AppLoader
C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ Apploader

Locate the file there: Loader.exe, and you double click in the window that comes following pressures there should appear the PIN of the phone connected via USB, press NEXT and the system will read the operating system available for the model, marks the options and press Next.

What you can do is expect to terminate the application load.

New Foursquare for Blackberry: Add Photos and Comments in the Check-In

For several days we have an update available that adds functionality Foursquare awaited by many users. From now on we will post photos taken by us in the Check-ins that do. Also added the possibility that our friends make comments about the places we visit and leave recorded in this popular geolocation service.

These developments were highly desired by many users in Foursquare, in addition to adding new functionality makes it much more interesting and can give much stake to Check-ins and see which are our friends.

Foursquare far was based on getting the highest number of gadgets, indicating our location or simply tell our friends in the place where we are. With the arrival of the feedback system has a much more solid basis giving more interactivity to this, being able to generate conversations about the places where we do check-in.

The power of our images to accompany this also gives more value added service, learning from other services such as Instagram, where we can share images taken by ourselves, being discussed by the other contacts we have and which, incidentally, will integrate with Foursquare shortly.

Note that the images we post by Foursquare may be visible as long as we have linked the post this to Twitter or Facebook to make a joint publication of the image. However, comments will be visible to all users, creating a large base of comments in the Check-in and the different places that will be visiting.

In short, very interesting improvements that make the use of Foursquare is not so empty.

At the moment this improvement is only available to iPhone and will soon be available for Android, and in 2011 will the version of BlackBerry

Minggu, 02 Januari 2011

Wireless File Transfer for Blackberry: Transfer Files Between Laptop and BlackBerry through a Wireless Connection/Wifi

Wireless File Transfer is an excellent application that allows you to transfer files using the BlackBerry device connected to a WiFi network. Transfer files directly between the BlackBerry and the PC or Mac on the same Wi-Fi network, all through the web browser on your PC / Mac

No need to Desktop Manager, Media Manager, USB controllers or other third-party application: Only one BlackBerry, PC / Mac with a browser and a WiFi network.

  • View system files from your BlackBerry browser and the transfer of any file and the device's internal memory or SD card.
  • Turn your BlackBerry into a wireless memory card!
  • Load movies, photos and music directly to your device and view them with the BlackBerry Media Player device.
  • View and play pictures, videos, music, PDFs, etc.. Stored on your BlackBerry directly from your browser.
  • Folders: Rename, delete and create new folders on the BlackBerry, either the browser or application of the device itself.
  • Setup: Make sure your device and your PC or Mac are on the same WiFi network.
  • Home wireless transfer of files on the device. An IP address is displayed.
  • Enter this IP address on your PC or Mac browser and start surfing on the BlackBerry! or upload and download files directly from your browser.
  • Works in: OS 4.5 or higher.

Sabtu, 01 Januari 2011

ProfilerPro for Blackberry

ProfilerPro is an enhanced version of the Profiler application developed by Toysoft Inc. Whose role is to help you configure the profiles to change automatically for each particular event of your busy life.

This version comes with an improved interface nice and easy to understand, with new features such as application integration Twinkle Addonis Software.

  • Supports up to 16 programmed profile.
  • Days of selectivity to activate the profile.
  • Custom Profiles.
  • Integrated with Calendar, with function keywords.
  • Assign profile when the device is cargandoce.
  • Optionally vibrate when device is in Holster.
  • Optionally vibrate when keyboard is locked. (With BlackBerry OS4.7 and higher, it will change even if the keypad is locked.)
  • In The BlackBerry OS 4.2, 4.3 and 4.5 profiles can be changed, while in the case.
  • Repeat function if you want to extend the length profile for example: meeting in batches.
  • Integration with the application Addonis.
  • Import and export of profiles to the SD card.
  • Compatible with all devices.
  • Easy to Use.

Note: ProfilerPro can not change the profile, when the device is in the holster, or with the keypad locked in OS4.6 ..

Note: ProfilerPro if you can change the profile of the device if in the case for the OS 4.2, 4.3 and 4.5.

You will get a vibration for these events. Then strafe ProfilerPro change the profile but will not change if the device is with the keypad locked in OS4.6.

Works in: OS 4.2 or higher.
Copyright by TipsBlackberry