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Tutorial Singkat Cara Menggunakan BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)

BlackBerry mobiles are becoming more fashionable than ever, despite the emergence of other smartphones touch and appeal of mobile phones with Android, it's worth a good analysis of BBM or BlackBerry Messenger, one of the best services that there are mobile and only works with BlackBerry.

One of the best features of BBM is that we can know exactly when your message has been sent, received, and even read by the recipient, a true wonder. To set up first must find the famous icon of BBM in the main screen by clicking prompted us to enter a name (will be what others see when they get the message) and then giving us the opportunity to associate the account of BBM with our list of contacts in our address book.

When the service is configured we can start to invite your contacts by using the "invite contact" within the main screen of BBM, another way is to enter the PIN (BB each user has its own PIN, it is in the menu under "my profile" and finally "see Barcode PIN), your e-mail, or by sending a text message, or finally by scanning your code.

The service then allows us to chat with your contacts, paw this only need to click on the contact and write the message once it is sent to see a sign for "checkmark" (a typical sign of "select") right next to the message we ship. If the message is sent to see a letter D (Delivered or sent) then the sign, and once we will read a letter R (for read or read). All conversations and end by simply selecting "end chat".

We also can chat with multiple contacts, as if it were a chat room, so that once we were chatting with someone, we can start adding contacts to the chat by selecting the menu key and then invite other "inivte others", and that we will see the address book where you can select who they want to add to the discussion.

Another function that is also worth to be able to share files while we're at full chat, so that you only have to click on the icon shaped clip that gives us the menu so you can select files, such as a photo browsing File menu. Once selected the file we can even add comments before sending it.

If we are talking with several friends at once followed, we set Groups (BlackBerry Groups) that will allow us to create different lists of friends, such as "colleagues", "friends" etc, and allows us to share with all images, voice notes, calendars and task lists and this service comes with an icon to put on the screen and thus have easy and fast acceso.Para make this work on the BlackBerry Groups section select "create new group" there, you can enter information on this group in particular, give a specific name, select the icon with which to display and others. Once created, the group selected "invite new member" and they choose whether to invite someone from our contact list or add someone new.

Those who need to keep in touch with your friends or those who should be in permanent contact with labor issues in this tool are just the most simple, convenient and fast to do so.

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