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Cara Backup Kontak di Blackberry Messenger (BBM)

Well here I am again to explain how to always keep safe your contacts and groups in the BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), and I read in many places (forums, facebook, twitter, etc) who complain about the loss of the same . Then tell them that we have ourselves to blame users for not knowing how to make a backup.

To begin there are several ways to do this, the oldest is through a backup of all information with the desktop manager and perhaps the most difficult for people who know technology, but there are other ways of doing it easier. Within the same app (application) to enter the menu options and go to the part called "Backup Management" and choose the option "Backup."

Following are 2 options: "Backing up files remotely" and "Backing up files locally"
The first option is to support the information of the BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) on one of their email accounts within the blackberry. (For safety, do not put the catch of my accounts). The second option is to support the information of the BBM in the blackberry microsd, and by finding a window that says: "Backup Now" and on top an option to note that says: Automatically save changes safety checklist, noting this option after creating backing up your contacts and groups that will continue to update if they lose their contacts (Fig. 1). For example, I lost my contacts today at 8PM, if I go and reviewed the backup automatically generated backups several hours before (Fig. 2).

Well I guess now I will not lose their contacts with all these steps I have given to follow. But not all end here, we know how far back it will indicate how to load the backup. In the same menu of BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) in options, backup administration, we will see that the "Icon Restore" click and give you give us 2 options: Restore e-mail and Restore using file backup from the device.

According to the support that should make the choice made. In particular I use the second option because I think the mail can cause confusion when working with multiple accounts or you may spend the hack so it would lose its information. After choosing the option will support a list of all backup which will choose the most recent. Well I hope this guide will be helpful and I did it as clear as possible so that everyone can understand.

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