Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) di Laptop atau Komputer dengan Fixmo Web Messenger

Fixmo launched a public beta of a desktop client for BlackBerry Messenger! Yeah, we're talking about the management of the BlackBerry Messenger from your computer. We stress that this is not 'a stand-alone client. We need a BlackBerry smartphone with BlackBerry Messenger active use FIXMO Web Messenger by the computer.

In order to explain well this new application you can almost think of it as the BlackBerry from the Bridge that carries the RIM BlackBerry handheld BlackBerry Messenger on the tablet playbook. Well now we have the BBM of BlackBerry on our PC.

It is still a beta, so bugs and susceptible to future changes. However, those wishing to test the application can 'do this:
  • Download the application on your handheld BlackBerry RIM BlackBerry by pointing your browser at http://fwm.fixmo.com:8080/WebMessenger.jad;
  • Open the application and create their own account with your email address and a password longer than 8 characters. This is necessary to get to your BBM;
  • Click Connect;
  • Now go FIXMO Web Messenger Download | FIXMO Inc. from the PC and enter the access data;
  • Click Connect and you should be ready to use BlackBerry Messenger from your computer

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