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Bagaimana Cara Update Blackberry?

We will explain step by step how to update the OS on the BlackBerry. Before you begin you should know that all the OS updates are not official RIM, "unless otherwise specified, so these updates could cause problems not previously exist. But do not worry about that, all updates usually do not bring major problems and most times these updates fix problems they had in the past. I personally always get all the updates and have never had any problems.

First we do a backup of our data, "just in case." We connect the BlackBerry to the USB port and then run the Desktop Manager. We where it says Backup and Restore. Then he goes out a menu "Backup, Restore and Advanced." Then Backup options we click on the Back button up. Will output a dialog box where you want to save the backup file, select a folder and give it to Save. After that, the desktop manager to start making the backup of current data. This process can last from 2 to 10 minutes depending on the amount of information you have on the BlackBerry. At the end if everything went well going to be a text box saying that the backup was successful. We give a click on OK to close this box and then close the desktop manager and disconnect the BlackBerry's USB port. Now we have our current data safe, we will begin the process of updating the OS.

So the first thing you do is:
Download the latest operating system update for your specific model BlackBerry using the link that gives us Tecno corner. Whenever you see a title which says something like: XXXX BlackBerry: Upgrading the operating system, then the version number that is available. For this example we will use the OS for the BlackBerry Bold.

Locate vendor.xml file located in c:\program files\common files\research in motion\apploader (If you do not find it, found using the Windows file finder.

You go to this path: Start \ My Computer \ "C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ AppLoader" C: \ "varies according to your PC, your hard drive can be another drive letter - eg D: \, E: \, etc. .. OK if you are already in the folder 'AppLoader' see something like this. Delete the file or just vendor.xml Vendor is the only one in the entire folder, so you give the right click> Delete.

Some users have reported that they have to disconnect the computer from the Internet to the Desktop Manager does not check the Internet the "alleged" updates, do it now.

After downloading the file, disconnect the PC from the Internet and proceed to execute it.

Then, the first thing we will ask is our language. For this example we will continue in English. We select our language and give it to OK.
Then we get the welcome box of the new OS. Next we give.

Then, we now ask our town. Choose yours and you hit Next. Now we are asked to accept the terms, select the option to accept and give it to next.

Now start to copy the necessary files.

When Finish the copy process is going to appear this window which asks if you want to run the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Select a comparison of YES or YES and give it to the end to run the desktop manager.

Note: It is possible that after the end we give out a message that indicates that we should restart the PC. If we get that message to give yes and we hope to restart the PC and then run the Desktop Manager.

Then, now connect our BlackBerry through the USB port. Make sure you have at least 80% or more of battery charge. To detect the Desktop Manager will present a screen that tells us that an update is available to our BB. We click on Update Now. Then the program will do a few searches on the BlackBerry. We hope to finish.

Then, you will see a window that shows the table below. This table tells us that you are upgrading your operating system, for this example with a new version of 4.6. Now we give the option button or you might say advanced. Now to save space on our BlackBerry, we are removing the language that we use. Only Spanish and we selected this example let English and Spanish. Now we click on next.

So will the dialogue that indicates the steps to be executed next, and we expect nothing more than click on Finish to start the backup process. In the process of updating the new OS, the BlackBerry will reboot a few times, this is normal. Let it run the whole process which can last from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the BlackBerry is being updated.

After you install the operating system, the desktop manager will automatically retrieve data that had the BlackBerry. The backup did at the beginning of this guide is whether this process gives an error and no data loss. This process is automatic, you have to do anything.

At the end the whole process will come out this chart tells us that the process was satisfactory.

So now we take the BlackBerry and the language settings, time, etc. Then we can go to options, about to confirm our new operating system.
That's it, you're running the latest version of operating system or the one who wanted to install.

For more information on how to upgrade the OS "with photos" you can go to the excellent guidance of our site friend

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