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Solusi Mengatasi Masalah App Error 200

As is usual now, before you can resolve an error, we know we face, the App Error shown in the white screen in a device because the application manager of events resulting in an uncaught exception message and so can no longer function. This is meant, q any newly installed application is interfering with the optimal development of the device OS.

However, the solution for this error may be different for some models, in the case of devices with an OS 4.6 or higher such as the 85xx series, 89xx, 9xxx. Can enter into Safe Mode easily on their devices. How to do it.?

When you restart your device, at power-on LED, press the return key (the one next to the red button) and leave it down for a few seconds (approximately 10 to 15 seconds) and let q be reset your device .

After restarting the device is displayed on the screen a menu where we reported that the device is in Safe Mode, just press the "OK"

Once the device started in Safe Mode and proceed to remove the applications, themes or games recently installed it that causes the error in the device.

After removing proceed to reboot again but this time normally, and if q eliminated the application was giving problems, the computer started normally again, but if not eliminate ocasionante the error, it will show again the App Error 200.

They can repeat these steps until you get satisfactory results.
However, in the case of 81xx series devices, 82XX, 83xx, these devices are not able to enter Safe Mode, so in this case the solution is to wipe the device THROUGH THE Loader.exe.
I hope the guide will be useful and remember each step carefully and let us know your experience or concerns about this process.

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