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Solusi JVM Error 507/561 pada Blackberry

Here we let you how to solve this complicated error, luck and remember to know what they do, BlackberryVzla not responsible for what they can do evil, follow the instructions well, I assure you it works.

Note: these errors JVM 507/561 (after an install / update OS failed) first try to close the Desktop Manager, disconnect the BlackBerry .. Open the Desktop Manager, connect the BlackBerry, open the Application Loader, Add / Remove Applications, there should continue the upgrade process .. If it fails, continue with this procedure

You need to do a "wipe" the phone, stop it lowers the Jlcmder. You should have closed the Desktop Manager, it is best to reboot the machine to start with this.

Unzip the file to a folder, open that folder you will find the file: JL_Cmder.cmd double click it, you'll see a black window startup, press any key on the PC, the next window asks if BlackBerry is a key when you turn, press Y (yes) or N (No) as applicable. If you select Yes in the next window will ask you the key.

Then a window with a menu, select option 4 "Wipe" a sale in Red will confirm if you want to delete the blackberry, we press Y (yes), as a last confirmation must type blackberry and press enter. here waiting for you to delete the content.

After Jlcmder salts.

In this step should have installed an operating system compatible with your BlackBerry model, check this Forum: Operating Systems

Now place yourself in your pc file RIM Application Loader:

Located in:

C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ AppLoader
C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ Apploader

Locate the file there: Loader.exe, and you double click in the window that comes following pressures there should appear the PIN of the phone connected via USB, press NEXT and the system will read the operating system available for the model, marks the options and press Next.

What you can do is expect to terminate the application load.

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