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Cara Mudah Update Blackberry Torch 9800 ke Software/Firmware Versi Terbaru

To get the most out of your experience with BlackBerry smartphones, we recommend ensure that the device software is current. In this post, I'll be talking specifically about how to upgrade the BlackBerry 9800 smartphone of the torch, but steps can be used to improve other BlackBerry smartphones, too. Let's start!

The first step is to check for updates. If your operator or manager of BlackBerry ® Enterprise Server has sent an update request, you receive a Software Update icon on the main screen, you just click with the release of the update. (Be careful if the update while roaming roaming charges may apply for additional data. Contact your service provider for more information.)

If you have this icon on the home screen, you can start the universal application of the search on the home screen BlackBerry smartphone Torch by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner. In the search box that appears, type update . Tap Options , and then you should see the Software Updates option. The latest device software from the BlackBerry Torch Bundle 6.0 is 695, to take advantage of this option and you will be brought to the download page. Click the Download button and are prompted to continue or Customize .

Selecting Custom lets you select the components to download and you can select different languages or to charge your smartphone. After downloading the software, you are prompted to install the software. Please note if you update the software wirelessly, could take some time and will not be able to use the device during this time.

Some things good to know that this process back up and restore the entire device including calendar information, contacts, wallpaper, and other settings made on the device.

One small caveat is that users are enabled on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server will only be able to complete a wireless upgrade if your IT managers have allowed access to this feature, but this is enabled by default.

For information about how to BlackBerry Wireless Device Software Update other BlackBerry smartphones, see: hxxp://www.blackberry.com/btsc/KB15633

If you prefer to upgrade the BlackBerry smartphone with BlackBerry Desktop Manager, go to www.blackberry.com / upgrades and download the latest software update available for your device.

We also recommend you visit this page a lot of support , which has lots of great reference material for questions that may arise while upgrading the software of the device.

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