Sabtu, 29 Januari 2011

Cara Mudah Menghemat Baterai Blackberry Biar Tahan Lama dan Tidak Cepat Habis

First of all we must understand that the BlackBerry Batteries have a maximum life of 2 years so that by passing over one year of use are beginning to notice a decrease in the capacity of it.  I'll leave them some tips that can help increase battery life and reduce consumption in the BlackBerry:

Reduce backlight brightness to a minimum if possible to 10% to do this we go to Options> Screen / Keyboard> Backlight Brightness.

Close all applications is that you are not using, and that leaving it open applications are consuming these drums. It happens a lot that we leave open and stay working on the 2nd level to see which have open press Menu> Change Menu Applications or letting down and there you can see them all.

Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you're not using it. If possible use an application that you turn off the WiFi when you disconnect the router I recommend is Damage WiFiHero WiFi Manager is free of charge.

In The Night Turn Your BlackBerry so you'll be taking a respite not only to the BlackBerry if your battery. The BlackBerry also has a feature on and off automatically. You can access it: In OS 5 in Options> Enable / Disable Automatic operating system and 6 in Options> Device> Enable / Disable Auto and set it to your preference.

Do not do much Reset (Pull Battery) because in the latest versions of operating systems BlackBerrys Too much is lost Rebooting the fixture by battery.

Turn off the BlackBerry by putting a charge the device. Otherwise the battery may not be fully charge and decreasing its life.

Make a Hard Reset as minimum once a week. That is: Pull out the battery in your BlackBerry at least 10 minutes before placing volvercela. This serves to give a respite to the battery of your BlackBerry.

If you have BlackBerry Torch recommend you use a little more of the Virtual Keyboard touchscreen as the physical keyboard to be opening and closing the BlackBerry with the Slider is also consumed Battery (This tip is optional)

With these tips I assure you it will decrease the battery consumption of your BlackBerry at least 20%.

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