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Cara Menghapus atau Delete Beberapa Email Sekaligus di BlackBerry?

When you have a lot of emails on your BlackBerry, sometimes want a little house cleaning of all these emails to the end of the day are not relevant and do not necessarily want to carry on your BlackBerry. Sometimes you just want to delete them because you simply want to free up some memory. Here's how you can do so easily. Of course you can go to your list of emails and give the press the "DEL" when you want to erase one another, also go to the menu and delete him. But there are two other ways to make it easier than one at a time.

Delete Multiple Emails
You can select the emails you want to delete by pressing the Shift (the button with the arrow aA and up) and the trackball to select many emails at once. After the selections you give simply press the "DEL" and the messages will be deleted.
Delete Old Messages

If you want to delete old messages, for example, the month of June 2009 to back, find the date that summarizes the messages and go over it, press the menu button and choose Delete Prior option. This will delete all messages from the date you chose to back.

Automatically Delete Old Messages
If you want to automatically delete old messages after a certain amount of time on you can do it in the Options part of your mail. Open Messages, press the menu button, select Options. On the next screen, choose General Options, and if you go down the list, you'll see an option that reads Keep Messages. It is there where you can set the number of days you want messages to be stored on your BlackBerry. Select the term that best fits your needs and give save. Done.

Hope this helps. Remember to be very careful when deleting your message, not delete something important. Always make backup of your drive in case of any problem.

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