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Cara Memisahkan antara SMS dan Email dan Blackberry

How I can separate SMS and e-mail boxes in the message folder? A BlackBerry can have up to 10 folders of individual messages and gives you the option to feed everyone on the message folder or separation, in his own inbox.

But although the combination of messages is fine for some people, can be distracting and annoying to weed through a lot of messages, especially if you use several email accounts for other purposes or if you're like my boss and get hundreds a day. For example, a coworker could not find an email client because there were too many alerts that filled his box.

If you are a BES user who wants to distinguish between work and personal email messages or a VIP user you want to coordinate their accounts and text messages, these are the different ways to separate or combine their inboxes and SMS e-mail in all different BlackBerry platform.

Earlier versions of OS 5 and all of OS 4.7 and loWer
In older devices and operating systems (such as lower versions of OS 5) to click on the separate inboxes in the message icon, press the Menu button and select Options. General Options, scroll down to SMS inboxes and e-mail and you are presented with three options: individual, combined and controlled the issue. To separate inboxes scroll down and select that option.

Top operating system versions 5 and 6 OS
With the release of later versions of operating system OS 5 and 6, the message folder now comes with more control over what can access. I found this feature appears in OS 5 when I upgraded my AT & T 9700 v.602 application to my 0979 and Bold 9000 OS 5 v.822 application. Users can choose which email accounts or other types of messages fill the main messages folder instead of being an all or nothing situation. Here you can select exactly which items to include or exclude, click the check mark.
To save your selections, click the back (exhaust) and select Save or press Menu to access the Save function.

Above the OS versions 5 - "non touch"
For non-touch devices go to Messaging> Options> Settings box. Messages - Select which to include - OS Five
For OS 5 devices "Touch" - To access, users can follow this path: Messages> Options> Settings from the main list of the message.

OS 6 - To the touch, and touch not click the Device Messaging> Inbox Management.
Messages in OS6 - There you have it all ways to personalize the message folder across multiple operating systems so it will always be able to track your emails and texts when using the device for work or for personal reasons.

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