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Aplikasi Blackberry Gratis untuk Mendengarkan Radio di Blackberry

BlakcBerry users have available in their hands many more applications and functions that may come to notice at first. In this case we speak of the applications that help us listen to radio or music and podcasts on our BlackBerry.

Then I leave an official list of the 10 most popular applications that work across countries, which are downloaded completely free so the BlackBerry App World and they will serve when trying to listen to music, podcasts or foreign radio:

PodTrapper Podcast Manager: A player of podcasts in general, a kind of application that allows us to directly hear the podcasts that we like, and even handles search and download the latest episodes of your choice.

TuneIn Radio: We can hear from some 40,000 radio stations worldwide, and works by connecting 3G or WiFi data.

Nobex Radio Companion: This application allows us to tune a 5800 radio stations via WiFi or 3G, find and add songs as ringtones, read timely information on the songs you are listening, or even hear a small fraction of the songs we want to be sure that this is the topic we choose.

Global miRoamer Free Radio: It gives us access to all radios that are tuned via the Internet and AM / FM.

TuneWiki - Lyrics with Music: It's a social kind of player that allows you to choose from 3 styles of music, such as the one we have stored in the memory of our phone, music videos that have saved or streaming radio SHOUTcast Internet. It also lets you create your own playlists, start fast and have real time what we're hearing on our Facebook account.

CB Podcasts: Basically we can download all the podcasts of CrackBerry with all the information and news on these phones.

ElectricFM - America 's Real Dance Radio!: The radio station broadcasts live from New York just dance music. Works over EDGE, 3G and WiFi.

Acir Radio: The transmission of Mexico's Grupo Acir satellite stations available to all anywhere in the world.

Wunder Radio: This is actually a test application only free for 10 days, peroque allows us to listen to thousands of Internet radio in our BlackBerry, we can even do searches manually emoisoras as choice of location or via GPS so that only show us the closest to our location.

PowerGroup: It is the leading radio station in Turkey thanks to this application can now be heard live around the world.

Something I'd like to emphasize is that the applications and radios were not a personal choice but the search came from the most popular of its kind, also in use around the world and are free to download from the BlackBerry App World.

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