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Apakah Perbedaan antara Layanan BES dan BIS di Blackberry

Well then constantly read comments, mails, and post in different sites of users and readers who do not know what is BIS and BES and ask the differences and characteristics of each, because in this post we'll explain each of them and some their characteristics in general character, ie I will not put up with much preamble and instructions are understood techniques and better when a language is more relaxed and summarized.

BIS: BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) is the data transfer service between the BlackBerry and the large network is the Internet. All data that use internet on your device, server first pass through the BIS / BES according to which one has. This service is moderate and controlled directly by your mobile operator, either Optus, Vodafone, Comcel, Tim, T-Mobile, or whatever in your country. This telephone service companies tend to force users to use only the applications they define, and in some occasions, prevented the use of third party applications on our computers, something bad and that many useful applications are developed by third .

BES: BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES): As BIS is the service that lets you access the Internet through your device with the different applications you use daily. And also all the data that make use of internet on your device first pass through this server before arriving at the network and before reaching your device. This service is moderated by the Intranet of your company, which is an Internet apart from the rest of the world, only for the company or firm who has this intranet, Calre also has access to the global Internet network, but before the interact with your device and vice versa, the data have to interact with the security established by the Company corporate server where it resides, is, that is like sitting in a park and totally secure.

This service in no case no restrictions of any kind by the telephone operator because it is the company that decides which applications and services enabled or disabled, I mean that if you are an employee and your company will not let you use MSN your BlackBerry, go and ask the favor of your boss to let you chat with your friends and family ..... have to tell you ...... lol

But BIS can not do this, since your operator, you sign the contract for use of the line and says in other words. 'Fuck you! "


The differences between these two types of service measured more than anything in the privacy, security and level of control that receives, which is much easier to explain these two routes of transfer.

BIS: BlackBerry - Operator - Internet

BES: BlackBerry - BES Secure Server - Operator - Internet

Thus I do not mean that people who use the blackberry for personal use, or BIS service, run some kind of Symbian riesgo.La any BlackBerry data service, are much safer, that access the Internet from your own computer with antivirus, firewall, proxy server and custom .....

That I just want to explain the route of the information from coming out of your device to the internet and vice versa, when you get the response you visit.

In one example, very clear and easy to understand:

The BIS service your postman / courier, which will run throughout the city with your package, to deliver on time, correindo the risk that someone will steal or make your packages tropesarse

BES is the service your postman / messenger, who goes by a completely safe street, built for a few, and very well guarded, and will deliver all your packages without any problem or security risk .......

The quality of security defined by the company that controls both BES and BIS service, but it is logical that a company of 500 employees with BlackBerry (BES), there is much more security than a city of 45000 inhabitants with BlackBerry ( BIS), because the company maintains a uniform control for all devices, however a telephone company does not know what your users are doing with your BlackBerry

Well it does not stop there, BES is much more than just internet and email service. For executives and senior managers, functions as a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which ensures that all information sent between the device and its Office balckberry encryptado be totally secure, by way built by the company.

The BES service includes tools to define how the applications interact with devices and how they should handle.

Much easier to work to incorporate a new application to all workers, because from a single server, you can install a BlackBerry application in all belonging to the company, without having to touch one by one ........ .. this is very good as companies who use BES service always have a great workforce.

BES also offers complete control over your computer remotely, ie over the air, you can manage, clean, or lock a device if stolen or lost.

So far it seems that the best service to take is to BES, but does not accelerate, the service, because they tend to be corporate and professional, must be configured by hand, setting all security settings and to provide the best control service.

But for those users who are not professionals, as we use BlackBerry Pearl 81xx, and that is most of all for personal use, comes better service BIS, as it is exempt from many configurations, from the time your device recives , adjust your preferences for viewing and appearance (as you see the device) and if you want to associate e-mail accounts to your phone, in a few simple steps, you can add a certain number of accounts. And already enjoy.

In conclusion:

The BIS service is much more comfortable and easy to use and manage. The perfect choice for ordinary users or small businesses that do not require a comprehensive malaria control.

The BES service is more secure and controlled, but to see put into practice requires that all control and safety. The perfect choice for large companies, with a large number of employees who can not afford delays or loss of information. my case I use a BlackBerry Pearl 8100 with BIS service for my personal use and my girlfriend all the time take my Cell like it, but that's a separate story ......

In any case I hope this clears the possible doubts and help you understand some tutorials, guides and explanations to recive, read, or will see in the future with its BlackBerry devices.

If you dare to have a BlackBerry because of advance is welcome to the world of mobile security and stability, I will be here to help in any way possible and as much @ s me there but we are interested in helping those in need.

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