Kamis, 20 Januari 2011

Apakah AutoText itu dan Bagaimana cara Menggunakan AutoText di Blackberry

The AutoText is a very powerful tool that is included with all the BlackBerry and to help you write much faster and save time. It works on all our BlackBerry applications in which to write (BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook, Calendar, Email, social Scope, SMS, etc). Already know that when we start writing a sentence, the first letter automatically capitalizes the BlackBerry and after you finish a sentence, pressing the spacebar twice finished the prayer? N with a dot. These are functions of AutoText.

AutoText also brings a few words already defined in commonly make mistakes when writing and they are automatically corrected as you type. For the record, this is not a spellchecker / dictionary, that the BlackBerry also has it but here we talk specifically of AutoText.

With AutoText can create your own words so that you do when writing easier and faster with the words, phrases or sentences that are commonly used.

Here we explain how To enter AutoText: 
  • Go to Settings / Options / AutoText
  • Then give to the Menu key and choose New.
  • At the top, which says Replace, enter the word or letter combination you want to change. In the bottom where it says With, type the word or text they want to change it.
  • After writing go to Menu and then Save.
  • Is simple to use as you saw, so imagine being able to replace a single letter with something like a sentence or paragraph you use a lot.
  • Now is as easy as typing the text you create in AutoText in any of the applications on your BlackBerry, and then give the spacebar.
  • Automatically see your text as it appears set to AutoText or sentence.

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  1. JAdi itu satu satuu ya masukinnya ??

    gak kayak samsung yang bisa otomatis masukin semua kata??
    Blackberry Dakota