Senin, 13 Desember 2010

Download WhatsApp for Blackberry

WhatsApp is an application for smartphones that allows communication between different mobile platforms using the data plan and not SMS. This allows you much more fluid communication, more economically and with the ability to send pictures, voice notes, gestures, among others.

WhatsApp has become very popular messaging system between Blackberrys, Blackberry Messenger, on the economic characteristics and the ability to know when your message came from your phone, it was the other person and even when they read. WhatsApp allows you to do the same gradations of the message the Blackberry Messenger.

This application when installed in your computer, making the phones in your contact list and identify which of them has WhatsApp and puts you directly in the contact list of the applications (you need not add anybody, or ask people your PIN, only to have his phone records and, of course, that the other person has installed WhatsApp)

Where to get it:
IPhone: AppStore enter and search in the top 25 or you give a look and drop WhatsApp
Blackberry: AppWorld and hit enter click on the main free and there will be. If not there, give it a look and drop WhatsApp
On the web: you can download the application anyway. Live in iTunes, I teach in AppWorld in your PC and then loads on the smartphone. At the end of this post is the link for downloads.

IPhone: Download the application and execute going to ask you to put your phone number. You placed with or without the leading zero, and you should see the code a few lines above +58. Once you do this, you should get an SMS with a code of 3 numbers. If you do not get the support you can use with the application that works very well, all automatic. It seems complicated medium, but it is VERY simple.

Blackberry: download the application, put your phone number with or without the zero, and then you give it to continue. He will do all the validation processes automatically and ready. When the application is running really everyone on your list of contacts who have installed WhatsApp.

This application is very useful for communicating with family members who live abroad and have no Blackberry. Communication is very fluid and as good as the Blackberry Messenger. users actually know, but the WhatsApp like because it has more faces. Link:

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