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JVM Error 102 - BES Solution

Today I bring you a success as we would say, on how to solve the typical error JVM error 102 when you have a BES

We all know that this nice brown on the chart error in the terminals, since they are totally useless, the manual encourages us to do a wipe of the terminal but for users with BIS is somewhat more problematic because they can not make a copy of device before formatting.

But of course with the BES option we "do not care" and that all information is stored on the server and nothing is lost if the terminal is "dumb" here instead of making a WIPE go a step further and NUKE do is a (sort of like spraying device) we let it fried, in fact delete all the entire operating system and therefore we must reinstall all over again, against WIPE that would be like leaving the factory (which already brings OS).

BES In particular we have the Device Manager and the option Nuke HandHeld, which is what we select.

You need only connect to a USB port and click on the BES option checked once made us stay the terminal like this:

Now that the device clean we go to the Desktop Manager installed on a PC and run the application and the terminal will appear online:

Then click Application Loader and start with installing the OS.

The Desktop team manager must have an internet connection for us to detect the available versions of software for our terminal

After selecting the software must check what options you want to install, remember that this is where the Source input for the terminal, English, Spanish, Catalan, etc. ..

Then click Next and hope to finish with the installation:

Once you have completed the installation process and will clean the terminal, back to the BES and reactivate the terminal to the appropriate person, which will have your contacts, calendar, emails etc

It is true that not everything is positive because any third party software installed it will be lost and you will need to download and install after recovery, but at least if all goes well in about 30 minutes would have the terminal operational.

Anyway I hope this fix to any problems.

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